Iceland | I’ve Arrived, Whether I Like It Or Not…

Glad to step off the plane after the weirdest flight I've ever had, I was finally in Iceland. I had been very open since we'd left home two weeks ago that I was not, in any shape or form, bothered about coming to the country. In fact, it was the reason that we'd only booked… Continue reading Iceland | I’ve Arrived, Whether I Like It Or Not…

Greece, Postcards

Postcard from…Thassos

I love checking my postbox and finding gems like this in there! Emily, from That Emily, just came back from a week on the sunny island of Thassos in Greece. Knowing about my love of postcards, she sent this classic beach holiday number to me, scoring high on the brownie points! You can check out… Continue reading Postcard from…Thassos

Spain, Travel Planning

8 days and counting!

This week has been such a muddle and such a drag that I cannot wait to be flying off to Palma next week. In fact, in 8 days I will hopefully be there (Spanish air controllers permitting...) with a cocktail in one hand and some of my favourite Spanish food in the other. As I… Continue reading 8 days and counting!

Hotel Review, Tenerife

Mediterranean Palace, Tenerife

So I’ve just returned from a lovely week long holiday to the sunny island of Tenerife. While I have been to the area of Playa de las Americas a few times, I’ve never  stayed at Mediterranean Palace. However, my boyfriend and I have often walked past it en route to other places, and while looking for… Continue reading Mediterranean Palace, Tenerife