Frankfurt | More Than Just A Stopover?

The original reason for coming to Frankfurt was purely because it was the cheapest place we could get a flight to Iceland. But, when presented with an opportunity to explore a new German city, how can I possibly refuse? After arriving late in the evening and taking a 20-minute detour to the apartment, the evening… Continue reading Frankfurt | More Than Just A Stopover?


Speedy tour of Dresden!

An early morning search for a croissant is my second favourite way to start the day (first is to have said croissant brought to me). The search led us to a McCafe, a concept that will never wear thin until we have them in England. Breakfast sorted, we were ready to get exploring Dresden!  First… Continue reading Speedy tour of Dresden!

England, Postcards

Postcard from…Rusty Gun

My mum and dad live on the edge of a large town. It should technically be a city, but for silly reasons (football team names...), it's still a town. If you venture 5 minutes away, you're in the countryside. Farmers land, village pubs and country lanes. I love the hustle and bustle of the city,… Continue reading Postcard from…Rusty Gun

Travel Planning

The Plan – how hard can it be?

I get carried away when I'm planning a trip - I forget that travel takes time and that I personally prefer to travel slow and get a real feel for a place, rather than stop for a day and see just the high street. So when my boyfriend and I booked a couple of weeks… Continue reading The Plan – how hard can it be?

Majorca, Spain

Palma | Feasts, churches and road mazes! 

Our second day in Palma started with a bang. Literally. As we went to leave our room, we couldn't open the door. A quick call to the reception and they sorted it out with a hard shove to let us out before quickly fixing it. Finally on our way, it was time to get some… Continue reading Palma | Feasts, churches and road mazes! 


Hire a bike in Amsterdam!

Riding a bike in Amsterdam is the same as eating tapas in Spain, or sampling snails in France. Until you’ve been to Amsterdam, it’s hard to imagine just how many bikes there are. So when we were in Amsterdam, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hire bikes and explore on 2 wheels. We were… Continue reading Hire a bike in Amsterdam!


The joys of home :)

So recently I've decided that in a bid to boost the travel fund, I should spend some time (and save some money) exploring and discovering the sights on offer in the UK. I've lived here my whole life, so I know why people come here (as I go to other countries) and what they're most… Continue reading The joys of home 🙂