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Postcards from…Roman Baths

A visit to Bath isn't complete without a tour of the Roman Baths. Full of history and the place that gave the city its name, the Roman Baths are well worth taking the time to tour the complex. Before visiting, I was told the tour would take about an hour and was under the impression… Continue reading Postcards from…Roman Baths


Bath | Roman Ruins and Big Baths

Spontaneity is fun, but hard to fit in when every day seems to be super busy and planned so far in advance. So last week when my boyfriend suggested we head to the British city of Bath two days later, I jumped at the chance. A quick search for an available hotel, a sharp intake… Continue reading Bath | Roman Ruins and Big Baths


Ben’s Cookies

In this world there are cookies, and then there are Ben’s Cookies. Located in several cities across England, with a number of shops in London (thankfully!), there are plenty of opportunities to sample the delights on offer in store. Each shop I’ve been to - maybe four? - has been more of a stall than… Continue reading Ben’s Cookies