Homomonument, Amsterdam

There are a few monuments around the world dedicated to those who lost their lives to the Nazis, particularly in the concentration camps. While the first group of people who spring to mind when thinking of concentration camps are Jewish people, they were just one of the many groups persecuted. Another on the Nazi hit… Continue reading Homomonument, Amsterdam


Floating Flower Market, Amsterdam

Claimed to be the only floating flower market in the world, the flower market in Amsterdam is definitely a must see. Moored up on the Singel canal, just a short walk from Dam Square, the market is made up of a number of houseboats, or shopboats if you like, that are permanently moored year round.… Continue reading Floating Flower Market, Amsterdam


Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

There are a number of places that you’re able to see Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Van Gogh museum when we were in Amsterdam. I’m not usually one for art galleries, but in the name of compromise, this was something my boyfriend chose to do. As… Continue reading Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Great advice!

While my boyfriend and I were in Amsterdam, we spotted this sign in a shop window. Definitely gave us a laugh, and I think it'd be helpful if more shops could display such great advice too! Have a great weekend!


Anne Frank House, Amsterdam

The story of Anne Frank is known worldwide. She offered an insight into the life of just one of the millions persecuted by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Brief history For those who haven’t read her diary, or aren’t familiar with her story, Anne was born in Germany in 1929. As the Nazis rose to… Continue reading Anne Frank House, Amsterdam


Hire a bike in Amsterdam!

Riding a bike in Amsterdam is the same as eating tapas in Spain, or sampling snails in France. Until you’ve been to Amsterdam, it’s hard to imagine just how many bikes there are. So when we were in Amsterdam, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hire bikes and explore on 2 wheels. We were… Continue reading Hire a bike in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam, Hotel Review

WestCord City Centre Hotel Amsterdam

My boyfriend and I stayed at the WestCord City Centre Hotel during our recent visit to Amsterdam. We weren’t familiar with the area, but from what I’d read and been told, any accommodation within the inner canal belt was a pretty good bet. So I made my way to the trusty website and had… Continue reading WestCord City Centre Hotel Amsterdam



So I’ve been back from Amsterdam for a few days, and thought it was about time I shared the fun my boyfriend and I had! It was a last minute booking, so I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect – we didn’t even know how long the flight was! Luckily for us,… Continue reading Amsterdam!


Well that’s a bit last minute!

Dag! I've been brushing up on my Dutch because....we're off to Amsterdam! My boyfriend and I have been thinking about going for over a year now, but it wasn't top of the list of places we wanted to go so we never really looked into it properly. But, the recent rubbish weather has prompted us… Continue reading Well that’s a bit last minute!