Tenerife | Sun, Sea And Total Relaxation

The last time I ventured overseas for a week of relaxation was September 2014. While I've worked hard and been lucky to have a couple of breaks overseas since, it's been far too long since I spent the day doing nothing by the pool. And I really enjoy lazying by the pool doing nothing. And… Continue reading Tenerife | Sun, Sea And Total Relaxation

Restaurant Review, Tenerife

La Costa Tapas Bar, Tenerife

I love tapas. It might even be my favourite food. So whenever my boyfriend and I are in a Spanish country, we try our best to sample the local tapas. La Costa is just one of the tapas bars we have visited, but it offers so much more than just good food. Where would I… Continue reading La Costa Tapas Bar, Tenerife


Monkey Park, Tenerife

What’s the first animal you would expect to see in Tenerife? A lizard, maybe a cockroach? Monkeys never ever would have made my top 50 animals, and only would have made my top 60 because I think I’d run out of other animals at 50… But monkeys are exactly what we saw in Tenerife. Not… Continue reading Monkey Park, Tenerife

Hotel Review, Tenerife

Mediterranean Palace, Tenerife

So I’ve just returned from a lovely week long holiday to the sunny island of Tenerife. While I have been to the area of Playa de las Americas a few times, I’ve never  stayed at Mediterranean Palace. However, my boyfriend and I have often walked past it en route to other places, and while looking for… Continue reading Mediterranean Palace, Tenerife



The wanderers return! We were quite late booking our holiday this year, as it's been quite a hectic summer. My brother just got married, so we've had hen dos, stag dos, dress fittings, nail appointments, hair appointments and goodness knows what else in preparation for the big event! We've had the time for a holiday… Continue reading Tenerife!