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Postcard from…Estepona

The sunny Costa del Sol is a holiday hotspot on the south east coast of Spain. During the summer, you can expect long days of glorious sunshine and dips in the warm sea. Unfortunately for me, I visited in March. While there may not have been long, warm days with the southern Spanish sun, anything was… Continue reading Postcard from…Estepona



Well, to be more precise, Estaponaaaaaa!! That's right...I finally found out where we were going (when in the car driving to Estapona...). For those of you who, like me, have no idea where Estapona is, it's a town halfway between Malaga and Gibraltar. So when I last posted I had no idea about anything, and… Continue reading Malagaaaa!!


Ooh dear!

So we're off to Malaga tomorrow with a couple of friends and to be honest I have no idea of ANY of the details. This is so unlike me that I'm a bit nervous. All I know is the airport we are flying from, and the airport we are flying to. That's it. I don't… Continue reading Ooh dear!