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TRYP Palma Bellver, Palma

On our recent trip to Palma, we wanted the best of both worlds - interesting city break and lazy days lounging by the pool. I thought it was a bit ambitious, and didn’t hold much hope of finding an affordable hotel in a great location with a pool. But then I stumbled upon TRYP Palma… Continue reading TRYP Palma Bellver, Palma


Taste of Palma: Street Art

When I was planning a trip Palma, images of sunshine, cocktails, tapas and amazing churches sprang to mind. Not once did it occur to me that there would be amazing sculptures dotted around the city. But the city is in fact brimming with loads of great sculptures around every corner, as well as other types… Continue reading Taste of Palma: Street Art

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Postcard from…Palma Cathedral

One of the big sights to see in Palma is the impressive Palma Cathedral. I love Palma, I love churches and I love everything Gaudi has turned his hand to, so I knew I was going to love Palma Cathedral! There was no way I could leave the city without a postcard of the stunning… Continue reading Postcard from…Palma Cathedral

Postcard from...Gaudi, with pictures of his influences from Palma Cathedral.
Majorca, Postcards

Postcard from…Gaudi

My favourite church of all time is La Sagrada Familia, designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. When you wander through Barcelona, you can see his influence all over the city. So I was majorly excited when I found out that Gaudi had been involved in the design of Palma Cathedral. The cathedral itself has a… Continue reading Postcard from…Gaudi

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Palma | Bus tour fun and perfect endings!

Our last full day in Palma, yesterday was our last chance to get everything done that we'd missed so far. And the best way to fit everything in and see the top tourist sites? Bus Tour! That's right, we went full on tourist and grabbed ourselves a couple of tickets for the hop on hop… Continue reading Palma | Bus tour fun and perfect endings!

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Palma | Public baths, palaces and even more churches! 

Yesterday was expected to be a washout - heavy showers, thunderstorms, the lot! But while the thunder rumbled in the hills, there was only the odd shower throughout the day, meaning we had a bonus day to explore that the weather forecast had originally written off. Not wanting to push our luck, my boyfriend and… Continue reading Palma | Public baths, palaces and even more churches! 

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Postcard from…a Mallorcan farm? 

While I'm in Palma and checking out the sights, I've kept an eye out for some great postcards to add to my collection, and to also remind me of the great things I've seen.  This postcard does neither - I haven't seen any pigs and I don't really need a reminder of what they look… Continue reading Postcard from…a Mallorcan farm? 

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Palma | Feasts, churches and road mazes! 

Our second day in Palma started with a bang. Literally. As we went to leave our room, we couldn't open the door. A quick call to the reception and they sorted it out with a hard shove to let us out before quickly fixing it. Finally on our way, it was time to get some… Continue reading Palma | Feasts, churches and road mazes! 

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Palma | Travel, sights and stunning vistas

I love midday flights. There, I said it! I know we should want the amazing 5am flights so we can jump straight into our first day, but I'm way less stressed being able to get up at a reasonable time and be well slept. So after waking up and finishing the packing, my boyfriend and… Continue reading Palma | Travel, sights and stunning vistas