Bergen, Postcards, Stavanger

Postcards from…Bergen

I had the best time exploring Bergen, and although I didn't have much free time in the city I was determined to make the most of it! You can find out more about what I got up to here, but after having a wander around the harbour area, I made my way up the mountain… Continue reading Postcards from…Bergen


Bergen | My Introduction To Thor

I was so lucky to have such a lovely and sunny day free to explore Bergen. The next two days were consistent, ridiculous levels of rain, and I got so wet on my first day trying to find the conference venue that I had to take my soaked shoes off when I got there! The second day… Continue reading Bergen | My Introduction To Thor


Bergen | So Much To See, So Little Time

I'd smashed my first solo trip to Stavanger and was full of confidence for the next leg of my Norwegian adventure that would take me to Bergen. Never wanting to be too confident, I made sure I had plenty of time to spare for the airport transfer, check in, bag drop etc. As it turns… Continue reading Bergen | So Much To See, So Little Time


Going Solo In Stavanger

My first flight on my own, and my first trip abroad alone. To say I was nervous would be somewhat of an understatement. After my mini-Europe adventure in December, I was starting to get itchy feet again by mid January. So when the opportunity arose to go to Norway for a week with work, I… Continue reading Going Solo In Stavanger


On the horizon – Norway!

Most people with a 9 - 5 office job will understand the monotony of going to work in an office for five days a week. The problems that come up are often the same, and the work varies...but not enough to be noteworthy. I've gotten to that part of the year where I've had nearly… Continue reading On the horizon – Norway!