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Monkey Island Afternoon Tea

As a treat for my boyfriend, I thought it’d be nice to take him for afternoon tea. We’d already decided we were going to spend the day at Windsor Castle, so decided it’d be good to look for somewhere in that area. Windsor and the surrounding areas are lovely, so we weren’t too concerned about… Continue reading Monkey Island Afternoon Tea

Postcards, Windsor

Postcard from…Windsor Castle

During our recent staycation, we decided it was finally time to visit Windsor Castle. Although only 20 minutes from our home, we had never taken a tour and it seemed silly to us that tourists visit England, take the journey out from London and yet we haven't bothered to drive 20 minutes. And so we… Continue reading Postcard from…Windsor Castle


Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world! It was built in the 1200s, and many of the monarchs who’ve occupied the castle have made amendments to make it more regal, bigger or more ‘authentic’. It’s not just one castle, as may first spring to mind, but a few big buildings… Continue reading Windsor Castle