The Round Tower, Copenhagen

Built in the 17th century, this still-functioning observatory offers amazing views over Copenhagen. While most buildings which offer panoramic views of a city have hundreds of steps to tackle, or a sneaky lift to the top, the Round Tower - Rundetaarn in Danish - is just a winding slope to the top. Circling the central… Continue reading The Round Tower, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Postcards

Postcards from…Copenhagen

After spending just 48 hours in the amazing city of Copenhagen, Denmark, I managed to see a fair number of the sights in the city. I picked up a few postcards from this trip, but I really like these two! Of course I visited the Little Mermaid statue, despite reading numerous reviews of how underwhelming… Continue reading Postcards from…Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Hotel Review

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city known for it's price tag, and it can be hard to find a bargain without compromising on the hotel. Thankfully, the city is quite compact, so finding a hotel not slap bang in the city centre isn't a problem. A converted 18th century warehouse, Copenhagen Admiral Hotel is a real eye-catcher. The… Continue reading Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Copenhagen


Copenhagen, Denmark

I had an amazing time exploring Copenhagen, and here are just a few of the many photos I managed to take of such a pretty city! You can find out what I got up to in Copenhagen here. 

Copenhagen, Hamburg

Trains, ferries and automobiles…

The third day of our mini-Europe adventure started early as we had a train to catch to Hamburg! After the difficulty I'd had with my backpack on the first day, added to the distance from our hotel to Copenhagen central station, we decided to jump in a taxi. Quick, efficient, and way less stressful. Although… Continue reading Trains, ferries and automobiles…


Copenhagen | Did someone say windy?

Feet already sore from all the walking we did on our first day in Copenhagen, we readied ourselves for the only full day we had in Copenhagen. We finally were out at about half 10, and there were barely any people around as we wandered along the water's edge down to The Little Mermaid. I'd… Continue reading Copenhagen | Did someone say windy?


Kicking things off with Copenhagen!

Day 1 of my mini-Europe trip started in Copenagen. Well, it actually started in London at 3am with the world's worst taxi driver who forgot where he was taking my boyfriend and I before we'd even got to the end of the road. And it's a short road. Needless to say, it wasn't the smoothest… Continue reading Kicking things off with Copenhagen!

Copenhagen, Hamburg, Travel Planning

Starting the journey…

After posting my recent Travel Plan, I was so happy with the response! I was touched that people took the time to offer their advice, and I have definitely taken it all on board. While everything isn't completely booked yet (or even planned!) I've got the first two stops locked down. First things first, flying… Continue reading Starting the journey…