Some of the historic buildings in Jan van Eyck square

Taste of Bruges: Sights

If anyone asks me the prettiest place I’ve ever been, Bruges is always the winner. It’s not the biggest city, but there is definitely plenty to see there. Grote Markt Not just your standard square, Grote Markt is the main square in the centre of Bruges. Chances are you’ll pass through it at least once… Continue reading Taste of Bruges: Sights


Taste of Bruges: Churches

In a city as stunning as Bruges, we thought there are bound to be some pretty amazing churches, and we were not disappointed! Our first church of the stay was Heilig-Bloedbasiliek, also known as the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Burg, the church isn’t the traditional type you… Continue reading Taste of Bruges: Churches


Climbing the Belfry Tower, Bruges

If there’s one thing that tops most people’s must-do list while in Bruges, it’s climbing the Belfry Tower. And it made it to my list twice, because it’s also a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. There’s a ton of interesting history to the tower, and considering the fact it’s in the centre of… Continue reading Climbing the Belfry Tower, Bruges

Bruges, Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Het Zand Fountain

There are a few squares in Bruges, each with its own character. Although Grote Markt steals most of the limelight, when exploring the city and stumbling upon others, we saw this fountain at Het Zand, between Grote Markt and the train station. There are some questionable figures on the fountain, but we got there just… Continue reading Photo Friday: Het Zand Fountain


Bruges | Canals and Yummy Belgian Waffles!

With very little time in the city of Bruges, we were determined to fit in as much as possible. Luckily for us, there isn’t a great deal to do other than just soak up the city. When we arrived in the afternoon, we checked into our hotel, freshened up and headed back out. By this… Continue reading Bruges | Canals and Yummy Belgian Waffles!

Bruges, Postcards

Postcard from…Bruges

The city of Bruges in Belgium is a gorgeous city that I just fell in love with! There's not a hundred and one things to do, but I really enjoyed exploring the city and soaking up the views and architecture. I don't usually go for postcards with hearts on them, but there weren't many postcards… Continue reading Postcard from…Bruges

Bruges, Hotel Review

Hotel Martin’s Brugge, Bruges

Bruge is a stunning city tucked away in a corner of Belgium. There aren’t a great deal of ‘sights’ to see, but the city itself is lovely to just explore. Everyone I have met who has been to Bruges responds in the same way when I tell them I’ve just been there - ‘ahh…isn’t it… Continue reading Hotel Martin’s Brugge, Bruges

Bruges, Cologne

Cologne done, time to move on!

Our time in Cologne was over too quickly, but we had a train booked for Belgium so we had no choice but to pack our stuff up and make our way to the train station. There’s a bus that goes from the hotel to the train station, but it wasn’t really that far to walk,… Continue reading Cologne done, time to move on!

Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne

One month countdown!

So today marks the start of the one month countdown to our break away to Germany and Belgium! We've booked all of our transport, so the plan is partially set. We're going to fly into Berlin, where we'll spend a few days before making our way down to Cologne on the train. I've never been… Continue reading One month countdown!

Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Cologne

Germany is calling!

No, that isn’t the start line to a Eurovision post. Something (I think) more exciting - I’m off to Germany again! I’ve managed to get a bit of time off work, and so my boyfriend and I are off for a few days to Germany. The plan at the moment is to spend a few… Continue reading Germany is calling!