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Postcards from…Roman Baths

A visit to Bath isn’t complete without a tour of the Roman Baths. Full of history and the place that gave the city its name, the Roman Baths are well worth taking the time to tour the complex.

Before visiting, I was told the tour would take about an hour and was under the impression that you just get to see the baths and get a bit of history. How wrong was I?! I actually spent much longer than an hour exploring the baths as the accompanying museum is so interesting, giving an overall idea of the lifestyle of the Romans when they first arrived in Bath.

One of the fascinating things about the baths is that they are filled from a natural hot spring. The Roman plumbing allows the water to flow into the different areas of the baths, and as it takes the short journey from the hot spring into the main bath you can see the steam still rising.

Roman Baths 2

This isn’t a view that the Romans would have had as they bathed in the baths – there was a very impressive roof on the building and the Abbey hadn’t been built. At that time, there were religious buildings on the site of the Abbey, but they still wouldn’t have been visible as the bathers took a dip. Roman Baths w: view of abbey

I had to get the below postcard, as it is the iconic image of the baths to me. I can imagine it looks great when it’s dark outside and the baths are lit up, but as I visited in Spring, the sun wouldn’t be going down until well after the baths were closed, so this isn’t something I was able to see. But, thanks to this postcard, I can appreciate just how pretty it’d look.

The green water is caused by the exposure to sunlight, and as the Romans had a roof on the baths it wouldn’t have had the same colour in that time. I’m sure it would have looked much more inviting if the water wasn’t green, and in the lower photo on the postcard you can’t really see that the water is discoloured. With the lights lit and water still, I find it fascinating that I could be looking at the same view that a visitor to the baths had hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Roman Baths

Whether you’re a history buff or just like to see the sights, I’d definitely recommend a visit to the Roman Baths!


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