Postcards, Ramsgate

Postcard from…Ramsgate Harbour

The seaside town of Ramsgate is the perfect weekend escape from London. Within minutes of wandering along the boat-filled harbour, the stress of the week melts away and you’re ready to just…relax. There’s a bit of something for everyone, with a sandy beach, plenty of pubs and restaurants and the seaside staple: amusement arcades! Aside from my personal favourite seaside pastime of crabbing, the other thing I love about Ramsgate is an evening stroll along the harbour followed by dinner at one of the restaurants on the seafront.

On my last visit, the evenings were still warm enough to eat outside, and from my table I sat looking out over the lights of the harbour. Although I had arrived mere hours earlier after being sat in traffic, I felt the kind of relaxation that you only usually get after being on a sun holiday abroad for a few days.

Keeping with tradition, I picked up a postcard to remember my mini break to this seaside town, and this one jumped out for two reasons: to remember the amazing evening I had looking out over the harbour, and also because it really reminds me of Palma, another seaside city I absolutely love!

Ramsgate Harbour at night


2 thoughts on “Postcard from…Ramsgate Harbour”

  1. I was just in Bergen, Norway last week when my girlfriend suggested we start the Postcard tradition. We forgot to actually buy a postcard, come to think of it, I hope making one from our pictures count!

    How far from London is Ramsgate Harbour?


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